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  • Ep. 327 - Put The Hammer Down! February 21, 2019
    In this week's episode, we're featuring a sensational Capitol compilation of all-truck driving country: "Put The Hammer Down!" (1976). Popularized by the booming baritones of singers like Dave Dudley and Del Reeves in the 60s, truck-driving country music hit a peak in the early-mid 70s in the USA, right around the time of a nationwide […]
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  • Ep. 326 - Ray Sanders - Feelin' Good Is Easy February 14, 2019
    In this week's episode, we're featuring the first solo album from Kentucky-born Ray Sanders: "Feelin' Good Is Easy" (1969). During his college years at Texas Western in El Paso, Sanders began working for radio station KHEY and picked up personal appearances around the Southwest. He must have done all right too, because in 1959 he […]
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  • Ep. 324 - Damian O'Grady - From 9 'Til 1 February 1, 2019
    In this week's episode, we're featuring the debut record from Houston piano man Damian O'Grady: "From 9 'Til 1" (2018). Here's a man who spent years playing sideman to some of the Lone Star State's best dance bands and who picked up a thing or two along the way. A frequent cameo to the mic […]
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  • Ep. 323 - Reba McEntire - My Kind Of Country January 24, 2019
    In this week's episode, we're featuring Reba McEntire's second album for MCA: "My Kind Of Country" (1984). After being plucked from the rodeo arena in 1974, Mercury Records took McEntire and turned her into a recording professional. Her signing with MCA in the early 80s was meant to cement her as a country superstar. However […]
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  • Ep. 322 - James O'Gwynn - The Best Of James O'Gwynn January 17, 2019
    In this week's episode, we're featuring some lost 60s honky tonk from James O'Gwynn: "The Best Of James O'Gwynn" (1962). Nicknamed "The Smiling Irishman Of Country Music", he got his start around the same time as George Jones on the Houston Jamboree in the mid-50s, sharing a label and a legendary producer in Pappy Dailey. […]
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