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Radio commercials 

a cost-effective way to engage with a wide audience; whether you want to promote a sale or push a particular service, creating a radio ad means that you can connect with a large audience at a relatively low cost. Radio continues to be a popular and powerful form of advertising.

 Our brand is simple; we work to do what other station’s don’t. We want to be innovative in our approach to promoting your brand, and with a creative team we can achieve this.

But why internet radio?

Internet radio plays far fewer commercials per hour, which results in higher listener attention levels, increasing the ads, intended effect.

Listeners are only one click away from an advertiser’s web site. They are online and have browser windows open. This makes it very easy to get the listener to visit the advertiser’s web site.

Web radio listeners are a highly active group of consumers with an above average level of purchase intention according to an analysis by BIG Research.

And, with internet radio, your message can be delivered in lots of different ways, without a string of back to back commercials that drive listeners away. Sponsor tags, sponsored events and on air chatter with your name mentioned can really make more of a difference than a 30 second advert… but wait there, adverts don’t have to be off-putting for listeners…

With internet radio, fewer ads are played to pay small bills, so you don’t have to worry about people turning off, as it is estimated that 99% of listeners stay tuned in, as their mind looks forward to more music and chat… with a commercial, sponsorship tag and chitter-chatter from the presenter, your business is REALLY HEARD!

What’s more, internet radio is often seen as a budget-friendly option for businesses. Not only is your business getting heard, but it is also catching onto their minds.

For example: if you are a builder and have a repetitive advert saying “call 01234 567 567”, the listener will remember the catchiness of your advert. You don’t get that with print advertising!

We also offer online advertising, so when visitors are online browsing our website, they’ll be able to see your advert and, if they are interested in your particular brand, they’ll get in touch!

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